European Emporium


A marketing and networking platform and professional services for upscale European fashion brands entering the Chinese market

AS European Emporium is a Beijing-Germany-based consultancy that provides a marketing and networking platform and professional services for upscale European fashion brands entering the Chinese market.

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AS European Emporium bridges established upscale fashion brands from Europe to the burgeoning high-end consumer markets in China. It is a fine skill to establish a sure position in China’s markets, defined by its proud culture and its fast-growing business infrastructure.

AS European Emporium leverages its strengths from two directions to deliver customized market entry solutions.

First, it focuses exclusively on a narrow band of upscale fashion brands, and has succeeded in developing a portfolio of select contacts in business, distribution, and investor worlds. AS European Emporium leverages the synergies among these relationships.

Secondly, AS European Emporium enriches its consumer marketing platform with direct involvement in high-end consumer services through its subsidiary venture, Adrienne European Lifestyle. This consumer-focused consultancy provides personalized guidance to successful Chinese clients seeking a refined lifestyle with a European flair.

The combination of business and consumer services leads to a unique positioning for AS European Emporium’s services. AS European Emporium also presents annual fashion shows for upscale European brands and emerging designers in Beijing, most recently showcasing Rosenberg & Lenhart, Gemmi Furs, Dyria Furs, and Zucchero (in 2010), and David Ubl, Path and Ralfy by Ralf (in 2011).


Adrienne Stark

Adrienne Stark, a German citizen, is a lifelong entrepreneur who has lived and worked in China for the past 9 years.

Adrienne Stark first worked directly with manufacturers to open a new fashion market segment back in the 1980s. Fur and leather were just beginning to crossover into everyday fashion, and Adrienne Stark worked on marketing, manufacturing and distribution strategies with manufacturers to capitalize on this trend. Starting from a small circle of fur and leather manufacturers, she helped broaden their sales into international fashion brands.

For 10 years, Adrienne Stark was on the German regional board of Young Entrepreneurs, mentoring other entrepreneurs starting out in their businesses. She has since lived and worked on 3 continents, before arriving in China in 2003.

In Beijing, Adrienne Stark founded AS European Emporium for manufacturer clients, and Adrienne European Lifestyle for select corporate clientele, high-net worth individuals and spouses.

She also was a board member of Heimsch Design GmbH, producing and distributing luxury car accessories for the automobile business, servicing global clients such as Daimler-Chrysler and a director of Heimsch Modevertrieb GmbH selling the latest and most exclusive fur- and leather garments and accessories.



  • Introductions & Business Relationship Facilitation

    Partners, Distributors, Investors

    AS European Emporium offers its marketing and networking platform to upscale European fashion brands for selective introduction to potential Chinese investors, distributors and collaborating business partners.

  • Localized Business Service Account Set-Up

    Accounting, Legal, Regulatory Assistance

    Leveraging our network in China, we offer advisory services for accounting, legal and regulation issues.

  • Market Entry Strategy

    As an independent service provider, we offer customized China market entry strategies in line with brand strategy.

  • Brand Launch

    Organisation of fashion shows

    Organisation, and participation at select exhibitions

    Public relations and brand representation